Prof. Beckett G. Cantley consults with CPA firms, law firms, and financial planning firms regarding their individual, family, business owner, and business entity clients in matters relating to Taxation, Captive Insurance Companies, Trusts & Estates, Corporations, Partnerships/LLCs, Probate and Probate Litigation, and International Business Transactions.  Prof. Cantley is an Associate Professor of Law at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School.

Professor Cantley also serves as an Adjunct Professor teaching International Taxation at Northeastern University’s Masters in Taxation Program.


For the last five years, the United States government has devoted significant attention and resources to how U.S. taxpayers are investing their money with special focus on offshore investments, gold, and retirement savings.  In 2006, Congress held hearings and issued a report[1] on the offshore banking activities of U.S. taxpayers that led U.S. Senator Carl Levin to state that the “universe of offshore tax cheating has become so large that no one, not even the United States government, could go after all of it.”[2] The hearings and report began a flurry of activity by the United States government intended to crack down on the use of offshore bank accounts by U.S. citizens.


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